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Journal Special Issues

This Special Issue focuses on the application of existing sustainable energy technologies (SET) including: the environmental and economic impacts of existing SET, the modeling and analysis of SET usage, policies and strategies affecting SET usage, optimal usage of SET systems, performance analysis of energy systems, etc.

This Special Issue will focus on the technical advancement of the new sustainable energy technologies (SET) and their potential, including the methods improving existing SET, the modeling of energy conversion process, the mechanisms of energy conversion, the energy efficiencies of new SET, new SET methods, etc.

This Special Issue considers sustainable energy technologies (SET) that aim to reduce the environmental impact of cities. Areas of include but are not limited to the development and application of SET in transport, urban planning, architecture and design, and infrastructure. Fundamental and applied research, critical reviews and case studies are all welcome.

This Special Issue focuses on the application of technologies to the challenges created by climate change. Topics of interest include but are not limited to renewable energy technologies, CO2 reduction and low carbon technologies, sustainable energy technologies in the built environment, renewable energy management and environmental impact, etc.


This Special Issue will specifically look at the usage and methods of sustainable refrigeration and air conditioning Technologies. Topics of interest include but are not limited to boiling, condensation, heat pumps, food refrigeration, hydrocarbons, sorptive cooling, phase change materials and slurries, ejector technology, compressors, and solar cooling.

This Special Issue focuses on the advanced applications of biotechnology to improve biological ecosystems through renewable energy derived from biological sources. Topics of interest include but are not limited to biological waste treatment, biofuels, biomass and feedstock utilization, bioprocesses, microbial products, etc.

All papers will be peer reviewed before being accepted for presentation at the conference and published in the conference proceedings. Full manuscripts of selected papers will be published in special issues of the following prestigious international journals: Applied Energy, Energy, Low-Carbon Technologies, International Journal of Refrigeration. and Renewable Bioresource.




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